Officer Development Program in Crested Butte, CO

Current Course Offerings

Officer Development: 4, 8, or 16 hour course - Program designed for all level of volunteer and combination department officer

Training Program Development: 4 or 8 hour workshop - Learn how to build an effective training program to meet the unique needs of your jurisdiction while maximizing efficiency for your agency

Emergency Management: 4 hour workshop - Lessons learned from District-wide evacuations

Agency Budgeting: 4 hour workshop - Long range budgeting, accounting strategies, and stretching your agency resources

Exterior Firefighting class in Red Feather Lakes, CO

Basic Firefighter Training

Before any agency pushes into advanced strategies and tactics, members must master the fundamentals. Learn more about courses tailored to your agency needs for exterior firefighting, ground ladders, engine company operations, rural water supply, and pump operations.

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Instructor Development

To be an instructor is to be a force multiplier for your organization. This tool enables you to build depth in your agency, pass on now just HOW to do skills, but WHY. Learn how to best communicate your leader's intent and elevate the quality of your members on all fronts.

Forcible entry class in Red Feather Lakes, CO

Officer Development

The best officers recognize the need to employ multiple leadership styles depending on their people and the situation. This course goes through the components of being a good officer, including leadership, management, and supervision.

New member academy in Cayuga Heights, NY

Science in the Fire Service

Having spent a decade as a graduate student and research scientist, I grew a fond appreciation for application of scientific analysis and how it could guide decision making. Learn how to collect the data you need, find the important trends, and apply it to your operations in the way that makes sense for YOUR organization.

Industrial firefighting at TEEX, College Station, TX

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